New Alphacool Eisstation D5 / DDC / DC-LT

Alphacool presents the new and extremely compact Eisstation reservoir.
Three versions are available, for D5, DDC, and DC-LT pumps. The pumps are screwed directly into the reservoir bottom and are not visible.

The bottom is sealed with a metal plate, which reduces vibrations and ensures better stability. 

The upper portion is not made of easily breakable Plexiglas, but rather of break-proof Nylon. Even a fall from 1m or higher shouldn’t damage the reservoir. High or quick temperature fluctuations also don’t pose a problem.

The Eisstation can be mounted on a 2.5” mounting bracket or directly in a 3.5” bay. In both cases, the included decoupling screws can be used to lower the noise generated. Alternatively, it can be mounted using the large self-adhesive Velcro fastener, which ensures secure positioning even in transport. One IN and one OUT are located on the top of the Eisstation, alongside the illuminated logo.
The reservoir can be illuminated from the bottom with two LEDs. In the cap, there are two inlets, one of which is a G3/8” that simplifies filling the reservoir. This space can also hold a 5mm LED for illumination.


Price from 39,95€ for the DC-LT version to 89,95€ for the most powerfull VPP version, both Tax included.

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