In arrivo anche in Italia il nuovo Cuplex kryos NEXT

Aquacomputer ha ufficializzato in data odierna l'arrivo anche per il mercato Nazionale del nuovo waterblock Cuplex Kryos NEXT, attuale soluzione top di gamma della casa tedesca per il raffreddamento delle moderne architetture hardware centrali.

Il waterblock va a sostituire la precedente generazione che ormai era attiva sul mercato da oltre dieci anni portando tutta un serie di novità che prevedono una nuova matrice di scambio termico interamente progettata da zero, asse di contatto modificabile mediante applicazione di forze meccaniche esterne e controllo in real time dei parametri dell'impianto grazie ad uno schermo OLED presente sul top del waterblock, il quale grazie alla connessione Aquabus consente di integrare il WB con eventuali Aquaero e accessori marchiati Aquacomputer presenti nel sistema oltre ovviamente al sistema operativo cui si interfaccia la suite Aquasuite scaricabile gratuitamente dal sito del produttore.

 L'Aquacomputer Cuplex Kryos NEXT è disponibile fin dalle prime battute di questa settimana ad un prezzo di lancio che parte da 59,90€ per la versione base personalizzabile in oltre novanta declinazioni tra materiali, colori, top differenti e sistemi di ritenzione.

Rimandiamo al forum di supporto ufficiale di CT, alla imminente nostra recensione e al sito del produttore per ulteriori informazioni in merito; riportiamo di seguito inoltre la comunicazione ufficiale in Inglese per chi volesse scendere maggiormente nel dettaglio.

next tech

"15 years of legendary performance: the cuplex series The cuplex kryos NEXT offers extreme cooling performance, low flow resistance and unique functions in an elegant CNC-machined design.
To achieve the cooling performance of the water block many simulations and tests with single components were carried out. The structure size has been reduced to <200μm and an optimized flow was achieved. In addition, we were able to significantly reduce the flow resistance.

However, this was only one key to improved cooling performance. In addition to these improvements, an perfect contact between the CPU and the heat spreader was very important.
In order to optimize this, the cold plate was simulated and optimized with regards to its deformation by means of finite element methods. As a result, the contact and thus the heat transfer could be significantly improved.
To further optimize the contact to the heat spreader surface of the CPU, the 3D surface geometry of many current CPUs from Intel and AMD were measured at Aqua Computer and the deformation of the heat spreader has been included in the optimizations.

This high-tech product is produced at the Aqua Computer factory in Germany. In the following we will describe the individual developments in more detail:
VARIO technology
During the development Aqua Computer asked his own how to build a CPU cooler that could be perfectly adapted to the CPU of the customer.
The company has 3D scanned the surface geometry of many CPUs. They found concave, convex, and parallel CPU heat spreaders. From this came the result that the geometry of the cold plate would have to be adjusted to fit perfectly.

The result is one of the great innovations of the cuplex kryos NEXT: the VARIO technology.
The protected VARIO technology (DE202016002497U1) divides the housing of the cooler into two parts. A movable inner part and an outer housing. The inner part can be adjusted in angle and position by actuators at four points. This movement is transferred to the bottom of the cold plate and deforms the contact surface of the cold plate in the range of a few hundredths of a Millimetre (reversibly).
The advantage is that this adjustment can be performed during operation from the outside. By rotating the four actuators, the shape of the cold plate can be optimized and the results can be checked by correspondingly decreasing core temperatures. Internal tests in the company show an optimization potential of up to 2K at current CPUs with 100W TDP.

The water blocks with VARIO technology are designed to prevent any damage to the CPU or the water block itself. In addition, each individual cooler is calibrated and the factory setting (corresponding to the standard cooler) is marked by laser engraving on each water block.
Hereby it's always possible to reset the cuplex kryos NEXT to factory default values.

VISION technology
Aqua Computer is known for innovative electronic products, for example the aquaero series. Today the company is presenting a new innovation: VISION.
VISION is a highly integrated display with USB connection. It's so compact that the water block is only about 6mm longer than models without VISION. It provides a 128x64 pixel graphic display directly in the cooler.
This display can be controlled from the aquasuite software via USB or aquabus data. For example VISION can visualise the current CPU load or CPU temperature. But this is only a fraction of the functionality: VISION coolers have an integrated temperature measurement for the water temperature. VISION can also monitor these data and display charts, for example – even without a USB or aquabus connection.
Additional to the temperature sensor a flow sensor can also be connected to VISION and evaluated.

RGB technology
Aqua Computer has integrated another function in the cuplex kryos NEXT Plexiglas versions: An RGB lighting with innovative functions. Controlled by the water temperature or other values, the water block can change its color and shows lightning effects.
The possibilities are nearly unlimited: CPU load, CPU temperature or other values from the hardware monitoring can be usedto control the lightning. But also any value of the Aqua Computer fan controller aquaero can be used as a data source via the aquabus. With the upcoming aquasuite-web functionality, even data from other computers can be used as a data source. This also applies to the visualization on the display.

Aqua Computer introduces the cuplex kryos NEXT in many different materials.
From nanocoated copper to brass, Delrin or Plexiglas GS - there is a wide spread of materials available.
The high-quality materials underline the claims of the water block and are CNC machines from solid raw material. If you are looking for something unique you can also select the .925 Sterling Silver Edition and get a cold plate that is made from finest silver.
The mouinting brackets are made from stainless steel and all parts of the mounting system are made from nickel-plated brass.

PVD coating
PVD coating is completely new to the water cooling market. The abbreviation stands for "physical vapor deposition".
A titanium-containing material is evaporated by an electron beam inside a vacuum chamber.
This material is then passed to the cuplex kryos NEXT housings and deposits on the surface. This sounds relatively simple - but it is not. In order for a homogeneous uniform layer thickness, many tricks are necessary.
Among other things, the housings have to be rotated about all axes during coating. In addition, the coating lasts several hours. The process requires a prior nickel plating and a structuring of the surface.
The result is a unique surface previously seen at high-quality watches or jewellery.
But there is another advantage: extreme hardness. The applied layer is identical to that applied to CNC machining tools for extreme stress. Hardening of up to 3300 HV is achieved and protects the surface from scratches.

FMS mounting system
The three letters stands for our newly developed “flush mount system”.
For the first time the springs are located in a container below the mounting bracket - the ugly high screws next to the water block are history. Of course, there are fixed stops to ensure a uniform spring force at all mounting points.
An important component is the newly developed backplate. This consists of an embossed galvanized steel plate with high strength and integrated threads. In addition to this, a very highquality injected silicone insulation is applied to the water cooling system. As a result, nothing is slipping during assembly and the water block is really easy to assemble. The use of high-quality silicone rubber will also eliminate the typical smell of rubber parts known from the past.
The cuplex kryos NEXT can easily be retrofitted to other sockets.

Thermal paste
Each cuplex kryos NEXT comes with the Thermal Grizzly Kryonaut thermal paste and a spatula for applying it. This paste has achieved the best results of all available pastes in many tests.
Of course, the cooler can also be used with other pastes or also liquid metal."


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